Daffy, Donald, Daisy …. I’m not fussy …..

At this time of the year we seem to get a lot more ducks hanging around our suburb than normal.  They are all nesting in preparation for having their little families.  A few weeks later we see… Continue reading

All good intentions were flung out the window, without a thought

Oh my goodness!   Our family has had a rough time this week.  My Nan had a trip to hospital in an Ambulance and had to have emergency surgery on Tuesday, so I… Continue reading

Breakfast Bars – Take two

Well I have been playing around a bit since my last post on breakfast bars.  I have found a few different recipes, some have been baked ones, some have been no-bake bars.  I… Continue reading

What the heck are pea tendrils?

I love spotting new foods that I haven’t used before, buying them, and then figuring out what to do with them when I get home, it’s living on the edge 🙂   This… Continue reading

Herbs: More than meets the eye, or tastebuds for that matter.

Since making an effort to get my herb garden underway, I have also been making an effort to experiment with new herbs, and use at least one in a meal every day.  The… Continue reading

Desserts CAN be healthy, AND taste good at the same time

I’m sorry for the radio silence, over the weekend, I kept telling myself that I should really make the time to sit down and write a post, however the weekend seemed to just… Continue reading

Brioche, Honeymoon and good times

I love it how food, music, smells evoke memories, and especially great memories.   That is totally what the smell, taste and even thought of Brioche does for me. A few years back,… Continue reading

Nana’s Kitchen

I’ve been looking at recipes recently that should probably fall into the group “Nana’s Kitchen” for one of three reasons;  either it was something that she used to make, something that reminds me… Continue reading

Going old-school with the cheese bread

A few days ago I wanted to make some cheese bread for lunch, it just happened to coincided with the time that Tim needed to turn the power off at the mains, so… Continue reading

Ciao Bella!!

Having friends over for dinner called for some serious shopping, and serious shopping can only mean one thing; A trip to Moore Wilsons in town.  We visit the Porirua store almost weekly, don’t… Continue reading