Limoncello and Lemonade

It’s that time of the year where I need to start thinking about making Limoncello so it’s ready in time for summer.  I made my first batch last year and it was delicious!… Continue reading

Desserts in jars

Normally I’m not one to bow to peer pressure, or worry too much about the fashions of the day, but in this instance I just couldn’t help myself. Desserts in jars.  They are… Continue reading

Flying by the seat of my pants, on a magic carpet made of Filo

Wow, it’s hailing outside, the weather seems to have turned towards winter again.  Why does spring have to tease us so?  It’s not fair.  You get lured into this false sense of security… Continue reading

Did you know you can make fresh Ricotta, at home?

I use Ricotta all the time, mainly in pastas, but there are so many more things that you can do with it; tarts, desserts, baked with parmesan and olives, stuffings, the options are… Continue reading

Oregano gone wild!

This time of the year is a little but unpredictable as far as weather goes though, the last few days have been typical Wellington weather with four seasons in one day, blue skies, torrential rain… Continue reading

Healthier Cookies, for the most part

It’s been a crazy busy week, especially for one that was supposed to be a bit more chilled out than the last few.  I heard my old friend the baking bowl calling to… Continue reading

Raw beetroot, are you kidding me?

As I mentioned in a post last week I’m on a mission to try lots of interesting and tasty salads.  When our squash team was over the hill in Martinborough last week, the host team… Continue reading

Do it once, do it right. No pressure ….

It’s easily enough done, to be scared of doing something for years because you thought it was too hard. Crème Brûlée.  I had seen so many disasters on TV shows where the custard… Continue reading

Cake and Bread coming out my ears!

This week has been a bit crazy.  I thought being the first week of the school holidays that I was going to have time to chill out a bit and catch up on… Continue reading

“I’m sorry Sir, we’re all out of Waldorfs”

I’m on a mission, and yes I’m going to combine it with a few other missions on the way.  I may even veer off on tangents that I didn’t expect to, but that’s… Continue reading