Turbulent times

It’s been a rough few weeks, as one friend has said, an emotional roller coaster, and I haven’t been coping too well.  Hence the radio silence on this end.  Apologies.  The inevitable happened, we… Continue reading

It’s getting to that time of the year again ……..

I need to make my Christmas Cake, I have had the fruit soaking for a good few days now, and I should have made it a few weeks back, but time has gotten… Continue reading

Mushrooms for Squash

Who says when you need to take nibbles somewhere that it has to be savory?  I like to take something sweet often, and that’s exactly what I did tonight for our squash meeting.… Continue reading

Too easy Homemade tortillas for quick mexican meals

Ever looked in the pantry and decided you wanted quesadilla, only to find out there are no tortillas?  Don’t fret, there is a solution.  If you have flour, water, oil and salt, you… Continue reading

Nostalgia in times of need

It’s been a particularly hard weekend and last few days.  My dear Nan has been hospitalised for the last 8 weeks (after major life saving surgery), and while we knew she wasn’t going back to… Continue reading

Far too easy Banoffee Pie

Yes, I know, this is yet ANOTHER post about dessert, but it tis the season, so embrace it. A few months ago Tim came home from work raving about a Banoffee Pie that… Continue reading

Making something genius from an epic fail!

I have been busy making cakes again.  This time I had to make one to demonstrate icing a cake for a fundraiser for Playcentre on Friday night.  It was a great chance to catch… Continue reading

Tomatoes on Tomatoes

It’s been the week of tomatoes in our home.  This came about because of the purchase of a multitude of tomatoes, on special, with the thought of making a Gazpacho for a dinner,… Continue reading

Amidst the Calm before the storm, there is always room for desert

It has been a crazy week.  After nearly four years of being at home with the kids, I started back at work, on contract, full time.  Though it has been only three days… Continue reading

This morning I rocked out the Iron, and I liked it

I hate ironing, I buy clothes that I don’t have to iron, because I don’t enjoy all the ironing.  I iron Tim’s work shirts though, call me mad.  I have noticed that the… Continue reading