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Feeding the Monster

A month ago I had the pleasure of attending a full day Pâtisserie course at Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand, and I tell you what, it was worth every cent!  I felt like a… Continue reading

Vegetarian Burgers with a Punch

A while back I wrote a few posts on using black beans in chocolate brownies and cookies, that was yummy! Recently I have been delving back into the black beans and making various… Continue reading

Easter is upon us, it’s time for chocolate, family and to be thankful

Mmmmmm … *contented sigh* ……  Easter.  That time to rest and relax for a few days, hang out with family and friends, eat a bit of chocolate (normally),  and nestle into a blanket while taking… Continue reading

Seriously, who can really help but lick the spoon?

2013 is my year. my year to make a change. my year to do something for myself .my year to finally get there. I’ve been pretty overweight all my life, but this year… Continue reading

Finding my Mojo

For as long as I can remember, in time off stress and or deep loss, I have retreated to the kitchen, for sanctuary, sanity and safety.  But for the last few months, there… Continue reading

Worms, Chocolate Chips, Green Eggs and no ham

My worm farm has now been up and running for about four weeks.  When I purchased my first batch of worms, some of them arrived home DOA, and I don’t think I bought… Continue reading

Are we products of our environment?

Are we really products of our environment? I have wonderful memories of being in the kitchen cooking and baking with my Nan and Mum, those smells of sweet sticky goodness coming from the oven,… Continue reading