I’m a proud New Zealander, I call myself a Kiwi, but there are certain things about our culture that we seem to rush, and I think sharing a meal is one of them.

Have you ever thought about how kiwis regard food?  Some over indulge, some don’t eat enough, a lot  eat on the run, and for most it’s just fuel to get us from A-B.  I guess in essence this is true, but I do prefer the way that the French and Italians approach it.   They linger over a meal, savor every bite, share it with friends and family, socialise and it’s a huge part of their way of life.

Personally, I LOVE having people over for a meal, some bork at the idea of cooking and all the dishes that go with it.  However being able to cook a tasty dinner and see friends and family relish every bite gives me great satisfaction, the old adage is true, it tastes so much better when someone has cooked it for you.  I take enjoyment in making a cake and spending hours decorating it, just to see the look on the recipients face, it’s wonderful.  Spending time cooking for someone is how I show I care, I guess you can say it’s my love language, which is probably why I enjoy it so much and strive to make myself better.  But over all I love the opportunity that sharing a meal gives you to sit down, relax over a glass of wine and talk, share experiences and generally enjoy each other’s company.

I live in Wellington, the Latte capital of New Zealand, we are spoilt here with a huge range of beautiful cafes and restaurants producing spectacular food, wonderful coffee and exquisite local wines from the various wine regions around the country.  I was lucky enough to stay at home with our kids for four years, which gave me plenty of time to hone my food skills and play However I have headed back into the work force to play in my other passion in life, IT.

I’m loving IT, however it’s nice to have an outlet, and cooking seems to be one of mine.  So for now,  I intend to have some fun while I have the time, explore new cuisines, try things I have been too scared to try before and improve on the things that I can do already, and yes at the same time I’m going to ramble about them.  I want to push myself out of my comfort zones and push my boundaries both technically and by taste and see where it all leads me.