The move to winter afternoon-teas


It’s funny how as time goes on and things get busier, we still manage to cram more and more things into our weekends.  In my wisdom, as I get older, I find myself looking for things that almost make me feel like I’m cheating …… they look complicated, but are ever so easy.

The last few weekends we have had the pleasure of being able to catch up with some dear friends that we haven’t seen in a while.  The winter weather has leant itself to nice cosy afternoon teas inside accompanied with coffees, fancy teas, Pimms and red wine.

Friends making not so subtle hints about what they’d like to consume, of course roused my curiosity.   Could I still create a recipe from scratch and wing it as I go?   It’s been a while!

Not being one to back down from either a self-imposed challenge, and still not convinced it’s the best plan to “practice” on guests, I gave it a go.   Luckily (for me, and my friends), I managed to luck out with this delicious light, fluffy and almost perfect treat (if I may say so myself), for an easy centrepiece that looked deceptively impressive.


Give it a go – Cinnabon.  Maybe next time I’ll experiment with custard and fruit.  What could possibly go wrong, right?

Nice to be back.  Tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading

Lee Lewis





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