Pancakes in different time zones 

It’s funny how it doesn’t matter what country we’re in, the little people in the family still insist that Sunday’s are pancake day. This week we are staying with my Father in Aussie, it’s Sunday morning, And we’re eating pancakes for breakfast..

I enjoy cooking when we are staying somewhere. It’s one of the things I like to do to say thanks for having us, and luckily over the years Dad and Marie have become accustomed to me making myself at home and making a mess in their kitchen. I enjoy looking in people’s cupboards and cooking in their space, it’s always a good way to get to know someone, one’s kitchen tells a lot about someone. Some people like poking in people’s bathroom cupboards, I like looking in your pantry and gadget drawer. One of our good friends ALWAYS checks out our condiments in the fridge as a top priority on entering the house, probably for the same reason.

Similarly to kitchens, and the contents within them, pancakes seem to be a personal taste. In our family the kids like the crepe style pancakes that they can roll their fillings in, rather than the thick style American hot cakes. Tim prefers lemon and sugar, the kids like cream, berries and maple syrup.


I have been using the same recipe for years that a great friend gave to us when she made them while staying at our place. Over the years I have mucked around with it depending on what we have had in the cupboard or how many servings that I have needed to produce from a hot pan. It’s a great recipe, can be used with either sweet or savoury fillings, the one catch being that it’s best to make the batter a good hour in advance. You could use it straight away, however, the longer it’s rested the better. Why you may ask? While the batter is resting, the gluten is relaxing, the air bubbles are working their way out, the batter is getting thicker and developing s more uniform structure, which in turn is giving the cooked pancake a more delicate texture, rather than a chewy consistency. If you’re in a bind, you can rush this step, but you’ll soon realise why the end product is quite different.

There have been a few mornings in the past few weeks where the kids have requested pancakes on short notice when time has been challenging, and I must admit, the Jamie Oliver method of pancakes is not bad when you’re in a pinch.

Jamie Oliver’s Pancakes


1 cup of self raising flour
1 cup milks
1 egg


Mix, and cook! Done!

However, if you’re looking for my recipe, here it is!
Thanks for reading. .

Lee Lewis


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