Vegetarian Burgers with a Punch

A while back I wrote a few posts on using black beans in chocolate brownies and cookies, that was yummy! Recently I have been delving back into the black beans and making various recipes where I can slip them in without the kids noticing too much. There have been a few Mexican dishes, but I think the one that I surprisingly enjoyed the most was Vegie Burgers.

Burger Mix

Since my initial attempt, I have made these a few times and changed the it up a little, and have been asked by various people for the recipe. So here we go. The thing that really makes this is the little kick you get from the spice and the “meatiness” texture and almost taste that the beans give.

Burger Press

Tip: Make these in advance, freeze the patties and cook from frozen, it helps retain the shape. As long as you are gentle if the flipping, you should have a nice thick pattie that doesn’t crumble away.

Frozen Patties cooking

So if you’re up for a vegetarian burger that is really tasty and lacking in nothing at all (that’s strong coming from a meat eater like myself), give these a go. A nice little something to keep up your sleave for those times when you need something a little less meaty.

Oven bake

Vegie Burgers

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

Lee Lewis


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