The easiest way to feed a few families for a weekend meal is to pull together a roast.   In our house, during the summer cooking months, this normally takes the form of a spit roast, slow cooked on the BBQ. In winter it’s more commonly a roast lamb or pork in the oven, or a joint in the crock-pot to eat with buns and salad.


leg of lamb


As much as I love the traditional roast, I do prefer the slow cooked versions. I took it on myself to make good use of the copious amounts of incredible cookbooks that I have filling my bookshelf, I was on a mission for a new recipe I hadn’t tried before. After pouring through a number of stacks, I opened my Silver Spoon Italian Cook Book which has always been an old favourite of mine. While enjoying wandering slowly through the delicious pages I found a recipe for Cosciotto Alla Perigordina (or Leg of Lamb à la Périgourdine), slow cooked leg of lamb, which I have now fallen in LOVE with.


Lamb - pre-cook


Over the last few months I have made a few variations on this recipe, totally dependant on what was in the garden/fridge at the time of cooking. The staples of the cook, are generally the same; a generous handful of whatever herbs you have in your garden, I like Thyme, Rosemary, Bay Leaves Sage and Parsley, garlic, generous grinds of salt and pepper, leeks and/or spring onions, chopped carrots, and a full bottle of white wine (Sav or Chardonnay seem to work well). Then slow cook for 5-6.5 hours.


I know that I have said before and I will say it again, how much I admire classic Italian cooking, the clean strong flavours. It’s just beautiful, simple, QUALITY food, cooked well, with no fuss.

Roasted spuds, kumera and Minikins
Roasted spuds, kumera and Minikins


No word of a lie, this is my favourite way to eat Lamb at the moment, and the best part is that you can bung it in the oven at lunch time, set the timer and then leave for the afternoon, come home around 5pm in time to throw some roasties in the oven, and boom! You’re done! Instant meal for 8-12 ppl. Sorted!


Italian Leg of Lamb plated


Give my version a go, you won’t look back. No carving knife required when it comes to serving this beauty. It is deliciously moist, tender ….. just falling off the bone. I can guarantee, you’ll have issues keeping sticky fingers out of the serving dish if there are onlookers, whilst ensuring the safe journey of lamb from kitchen bench to your dinner table.


Enjoy!   Thanks for reading.

Lee Lewis


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  1. Joe Worsley says:

    How many does a spit roast feed?

    1. Guess it depends on the size of the meat Joe

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