Pull together Sunday dinner

There is something bitter sweet about Sunday’s, it’s great that there is one more day left in the weekend, however I always find myself looking forward to the week to come and what it will bring, the good and the busy.

We normally spend Sunday evenings with our neighbours for dinner, however tonight it is just us. I saw it as a good chance to use up some things that were in the fridge, a variation on the mystery box, if you will.

On opening the fridge I find I have rump steak and Filo, and then the normal types of basics in the pantry. Looking out the window it was hard to know what it was going to do for the day, however I decided that a filo parcel of some sort would probably be ok for this time of the year – not too stodgy and wintery.

So I set about my normal thing of throwing stuff in the pot and hoping for the best. Today I was going for a Moroccan inspired meat cigar. And below is what I came up with. All in all, pretty good. Relatively easy to prepare (about 15 minutes in total), everyone ate it, some went back for seconds.   We had it with minted yoghurt and some vegies. A really good lazy Sunday dinner! Nom!


Thanks for reading

Lee Lewis