Swanky Dinner Parties, who really has time for it these days? But oh boy, isn’t it fun!

Back in the olden days, life before kids, I used to fancy it up all the time. We’d entertain friends most weekends and I’d go to huge efforts to create beautiful dinner parties with all the trimmings.

These days, with all the kids activities and working full time, there isn’t much time for days of preparation to create the perfect soiree; guests who come for dinner normally get a tasty dinner, amidst the trail of crumbs left from where the kids have scoffed their meal. However, on the odd occasion, I do go a little OTT, go the whole hog, and I enjoy it immensely.


A few weeks back we had close friends over for dinner. Normally when they come, it’s a nice family meal, roast or a BBQ – something yummy but easy, however I knew that a flash dinner party was well over due, and since I had eye fillet in the freezer, I thought what better way to use it at this time of the year, than by serving up as a nice portion of beef Wellington.

The kids had their own fancy dinner setting complete with cookie shots for dessert. But for the Adults, we made it a special occasion. I was aiming for restaurant quality setting (hopefully the food was a good attempt at getting there).


I planned to use my Great Uncle Colin’s silverware that I inherited a few years ago. As I was getting it out of the cupboard I thought, if I was going to go down that route, it made complete sense to break out the crystal and the good dinner set, set the table with table-cloth and fabric napkins, along with beautiful flowers, disbursed amongst candles for a more intermit touch. What fun!


I set the tone from the get go, cocktails to start, with some nibbles. Pork belly for starters,


beef Wellington for main and a flight of deserts to finish. Tim joked about me calling it a flight of desserts, he said “I had always wondered what the plural for desserts is, like a gaggle of Geese … “. It would have been a real flight if I had have had a wooden board to serve them on, it was probably more a tasting plate of Coconut Panna Cotta with a Cherry Jelly, Lemon Tart and Lemon Sorbet, and a Mocha Mousse with a Salted Caramel Sauce. But none the less, it sounded fancy.


All in all a wonderful evening, I had a ball, nice to have a blow out now and then, and even nicer to be able to spoil close friends. Wonderful conversation, great wine and beer and all in our own home. Fantastic!

Thanks for reading

Lee Lewis


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