Bean there done that!

I have continued to look for recipes that aren’t using the traditional flour and sugar combo that have long been what my cooking experiences have been based one.  Don’t get me all wrong, I’m not going all gluten free, but for me, I’m finding it is good to look for alternatives and use them where/when I can.  While sometimes these efforts have been epic fails, I have had a few good experiences with raw and unrefined foods, or whole foods, enough to keep me going, that’s for sure.

Black Bean, Chocolate and Chilli Cookies
Black Bean, Chocolate and Chilli Cookies

There has been a lot of fuss over black bean recipes over the last year or so – they are going viral on the internet, and you’d probably be likely to find one in most good food magazines at the moment.  Finally I gave in to the hype, my neighbours encouraged me to try some recipes. Firstly I started out with the black bean cookies, and yes, they were pretty good. Packed full of flavour, moist and chocolatey, with that hint of rock salt and that kick of chilli. I made a batch and took them to work, chucked them on the table and they went pretty fast, no-one any the wiser and a lot a little more than surprised that they tasted so good once enlightened to the contents.

I have since tried a few other recipes, all pretty decent, but my favourite is one that I have played with and adjusted a little, and has materialised itself as a chocolate brownie. Amazingly rich, really moist and dense, fudgey as a brownie should be, but free of grain and refined sugar! ALMOST guilt free. The dates give it the sweetness and beans that beautiful fudgey texture …. simply delicious. And to be honest, I’m almost completely ok with the kids chowing on a few pieces of this than bickies from the tin.

My version of the Black Bean Chocolate Brownie - Devine!
My version of the Black Bean Chocolate Brownie

So if you are wanting to take that plunge, give this one a go, it’s well worth a go, trust me!

Thanks for reading

Lee Lewis


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  1. Heidie Makes says:

    Yummy! 🙂

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