A bit more time for me

I have had to take a step back this year, from the cake making adventures.  I found with working full-time and with two wee ones at home, that saying yes to making cakes for people all the time, was just a bit too much, and I needed to take some time out for me, and the family.  At one point it felt like I was making a cake every other week, and I got to a point where I just wasn’t enjoying it as much, as I was having to do it when I got home from work (which was normally my down time), when I was tired, the creative juices just weren’t flowing.  While every cake I made was gave me more experience, doing it while working full-time was taking its toll.

With that being said, I have made very few cakes this year, which has been bittersweet.  I have missed it quite a bit, but it has been good, to enjoy the few that I have made (Tom and Lucy’s of course), and the occasional one or two that I have taken out to birthdays or leaving functions (the non-flashy kind of course).

A cake I made for a friend's birthday.  It was three layers of chocolate made, filled with chocolate butter cream, covered in White Choclate butter cream, then toped with Chocolate Ganache.  I like to call it Chocolate in Chocolate on Chocolate.
A cake I made for a friend’s birthday. It was three layers of chocolate made, filled with chocolate butter cream, covered in White chocolate butter cream, then topped with Chocolate Ganache. I like to call it Chocolate in Chocolate on Chocolate.

It has been nice to offer to make cakes for friends, just because I felt like it and had the energy.  It’s Tim’s birthday next week, and he surprised me when I asked him what he would like for his birthday, by saying “one of your lovely cakes please”.  Of-course I was chuffed, and of course it will be made with love.  Now then only thing to decide is, what flavour?

Butterfly cake

I have updated my cake page, with the few that I have created since the beginning of the year, and even looking back I can see how I have improved and learnt something new with each one.  See, practice does get you closer to perfect 🙂

Batman Cake

One thing that I have noticed though, is that Butter Cream is great to work with if it’s not a hot day, and as long as you aren’t wanting that perfect smooth finish, if you are I’d suggest not even going there.  I made this old-school 80’s style train cake for a friend’s grandson earlier in the year, and I swear that it would have been faster to cover the thing in fondant, so I learnt my lesson never again.

Train Buttercream

However, if you are wanting to play with roses, or go for that Ombre effect, then buttercream is your friend!  You can whip up something like this in less than an hour, if you have the right tools.  I used the Wilton M1 tip and a bag, and after a bit of practice it was pretty easy.  There are some brilliant tutorials on YouTube that show how say it is, this is the one that I referred too, and almost everyone’s technique is the same.

HEART Buttercream

Pinata Cake1


The other thing that I had a go at was a Piñata  cake for Tom’s 5th Birthday cake at Daycare.  I hollowed out a cake, filled the centre with lollies and then covered it with a dome of solid chocolate decorated with lollies.  I supplied Tom with a hammer and the idea was that he smashed it and the lollies cascaded out once the dome was punctured.  It would have been perfect, however the day was quite warm and the chocolate was a bit warm and didn’t crack as I anticipated.  Next time I’ll store it in the fridge until just before I need it, OR not make it in the heat of summer 🙂


Pinata Cake 2

Well, that’s a bit all for now, take care and ……

Thanks for reading!

Lee Lewis


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  1. Joe Worsley says:

    So if every one gets better, by the time I’m back within striking distance the cake will be even more awesome than awesome? Loving the work so far, just wondering what will be next…..

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