Sick Kids, then Sick Parents lends itself to easy comfort food, every time

The kids have been sick for the majority of the week and Tim and I have taken turns working from home and looking after them.  It’s been a pretty nasty flu, with high temps but they are over it now, thank goodness.  We thought that we had managed to escape without a hint, however yesterday had us both waking up to feeling a bit less than average and today has been a bit of a right-off.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m sick, I lean towards the comfort foods, not necessarily unhealthy foods, but good hot, steaming yummy goodness.  It was a stunning day, the sun was shinning, there wasn’t much wind in the air, which is amazing in itself for Wellington, it wasn’t particularly cold (although I felt cold), and all I could think about was soup!  Vegie soup it was for lunch, the smell of it wafting through the house for a few hours before being devoured was comforting in itself, then the steam rising from the bowl with wonderful fresh cheese bread to dip in was just what the DR ordered …. momentary bliss, then back to the couch.

Vegie Soup

I’m not sure where the afternoon has gone, between watching episodes of Top Gear, American Idol, dozing in and out of sleep.   Looking at the clock, I noticed the time nearing 5pm and I KNEW I had to make dinner.  *sigh*  Something easy, something low fuss, something the kids are going to eat without too much drama, something comforting …….  I had all the fixings for bacon and egg pie in the house, and it is just what I felt like.  So I set about pulling it together.

Pig and Onions

The smell of the bacon and onion cooking was enough to raise Tim from his slumber (for a few minutes at least), and there is something so delicious about that smell, I just can’t describe it.  It has to be one of the best smells that comes out of the kitchen.  It has so many memories associated with it; New Years Day, Camping, BBQ’s with family and friends, MAYBE that’s why I like it so much….


My version isn’t the most beautiful sight to behold, I like to think of it as rustic, and I think pie should be that way ….. I hate to throw away pastry off cuts, so I often make leaves and berries to don the top, the kids like to eat them first before delving into the pie.  Regardless, it always hits the spot.  Great for an evening meal, or taking out on a picnic.  i have been known to make one the night before we go camping, so we have something to eat when we get there, while setting up camp (because who wants to cook on the firs tonight at camp, right?).

B&E Pie

I like to get a little bit silly in the kitchen sometimes, I think it steams from when I was a kid, Mum and Nan used to make us pussy cat pikelets, which I have in turn started making for my kids on occasion.  They love them, as much as I did.  It’s those little, things, they don’t take long and they’re so easy, but the kids think you’re fantastic when you do them, it just makes the day that much brighter.  The smile it brings to their face, and the cuddle you get from them, is just the best medicine in the world.

Pastry Names


Thanks for reading!

Lee Lewis



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  1. Cough cough do you do home deliveries?

    1. Sure!! Want to shout my flights?!

  2. Joe Worsley says:

    Happy to pay if you can bring some of that “shinning” sun 😉

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