It’s been a while, and things have changed …..

Hey you.  Nice to be back.  As the title of this post suggests, it’s been a while, and things HAVE changed.  I’ve changed.  I’ve changed the way I look.  I’ve changed my eating habits.  I’ve changed WHAT I eat.  I’ve changed my mental state.  And as a result I feel incredible!

As I mentioned in a post earlier this year, it was time that I did something for myself.  This year was the year that I was going to lose the weight that I have carried around with me all of my adult life, and most of my childhood.  And I’ve done it, well I’m nearly there.  30 kg down and it’s crazy how different I am.

And things have changed.  Not only am I feeling different, but my whole outlook on food has changed, its crazy!  I’ve found new things that I didn’t know existed, ways of cooking that didn’t even occur to me.  I no longer reach for the chocolate when I’m having a bad day – that urge has gone.  It’s mad!  What a difference.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I still LOVE food, but I find that I’m not living to eat anymore.  I still enjoy having friends over for meals, but I find myself questioning, “do I really need all that sugar in that recipe?  Is there a better way?”  And that’s what I intend to find out.

Breakfast these days:  Greek Yoghurt, Honey, Nuts (&/or LSA) and fruit (generally berries)
Breakfast these days: Greek Yoghurt, Honey, Nuts (&/or LSA) and fruit (generally berries)

My aim over the next year or so, is to investigate different realms in the culinary world that up until recently, I didn’t know existed.  I’m talking raw foods, whole foods, and things that are a little less processed, that can still be decadent and rich.

It’s interesting, because over the months I have noticed that not only has my body changed, but so has my tastes in food.  And I tell you what, my body knows what it does and doesn’t like, and I have had to learn to listen.  What an interesting experience.  Things that I used to eat without a thought, I can’t anymore and I don’t want to.

It’s been interesting, I have still had a few cakes to make this year.  I’ve had to go as far as making them with gloves on, so as not to ingest the sugar into my hands, crazy yes I know, but true, and it’s worked.  It was hard not to lick the spoon to taste the mixture, or eat the off cuts of the fondant.  But ass time went on, I got used to it and now I just don’t even think about it.  (I’ll have a post about the cakes later on, as I know a few of you have asked about them).  But here I am.  I still have a wee way to go, I have some more work to put in this year and next to get to where I want to be, but for now, I’m stoked and so proud of myself.  I have lost double the weight of my daughter, Lucy.  Scary to think I was running around the squash court with an extra two of her on my body ….

So, who wants to come on this part of the ride with me?  Who’s got some advice and can give me, or directions to far off lands that I have yet to explore?  I’m excited.  I’ve learnt so much already this year, and I’m looking forward to learning more as the year comes to a close and gives way to 2014.

I’ve found one website that I particularly like and I’ll leave you with this to paw through in the meantime.

Thanks for reading

Lee Lewis


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  1. Lee-Ann Newton says:

    we’ve missed your blogs Lee!..thought of you the other when immeresed in messy play at PLaycentre….but congrats on weightloss!!!Way to go! I’m still waiting to enrol…still waiting to wean the wee boy…can we see images of the new you via email?

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