Easter is upon us, it’s time for chocolate, family and to be thankful

Hot Cross BunsMmmmmm … *contented sigh* ……  Easter.  That time to rest and relax for a few days, hang out with family and friends, eat a bit of chocolate (normally),  and nestle into a blanket while taking in the cozy, comforting, familiar smell of hot cross buns warming in the oven.  It’s very reminiscent of my childhood days when we’d heat them in their foil and cardboard boxes, and then scoff them in front of a classic Easter movie.

Every year for years now, I have made my own Hot Cross buns, and there’s nothing like it.  Being able to control  the amount to spice and fruit that goes in, and I love lots of both!  And the best part ….. you can have them all year round!

This year was no different, and even though I wouldn’t be partaking in any, I thought it’d be a shame for my family to miss out, especially on Easter Sunday.  Ma and Pa came for lunch today, we had slow-cooked lamb (see tomorrow’s post), so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make some steamy hot buns for afterwards with coffee.

There are so many variants of hot cross buns you can buy in the shops these days, they cater for all tastes, chocolate ones (for the kids I guess), buns with and without fruit.  I’m a bit of a traditionalist I guess when it comes to mine, sultanas  spice (mixed, cinnamon AND cloves) and of course peel.  YUM!

So when being asked what I love about Easter, I reply with the following.   I love hanging out with family, I adore hiding the eggs and watching the kids find them, one of my favorite things about Easter is the buns.   But above everything else, the one thing that beats the buns, hands down, is remembering the reason for the season.

Happy Easter all.

Thanks for reading.

Lee Lewis


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