Seriously, who can really help but lick the spoon?

2013 is my year. my year to make a change. my year to do something for myself .my year to finally get there. I’ve been pretty overweight all my life, but this year it’s going to be different..

they say don’t trust a skinny a skinny cook! Maybe the saying is true. But I’m gonna prove them wrong.

I’ve been doing this crazy weight loss program. it seems to be working. I’ve lost 9 kg in 2.5 weeks, The weight is just melting off. I’m hoping that once I’m at my goal that I’ll be set up for life and will have learnt enough about myself, to be able to keep it all off.

The thing that I’m finding the hardest as a foodie, is the lack of variety. It’s extremely regimented, I don’t have iron will power, obviously, but I’ve been compliant so far. And I just keep telling myself, eye on the prize, eye on the prize. It’s not for long!

It’s surprising though. The cravings have gone. The first week was the hardest. I coveted everything. The smell of bread sent me wild, a whiff of chocolate in the office, even the smell of greasy hot chips had me writhing in pain. but now they are at bay and have subsided.

A habit that has been hard to curb is licking the spoon. When making the kids and hubby dinner, I have to stop myself from tasting to make sure it’s ok. And making a cake is pretty challenging. I’d normally taste to make sure everything was there before tipping the gooey batter into the tin. As a cook, you know the number one rule is taste, taste, taste. But for now it’s more like, guess and hope you have it right.

With being on the cusp of Easter, I’m going to have to be content with a cheeky sniff of the kid’s chocolate, and sneakily putting mine away in the cupboard for a later date. I have another birthday cake to make tomorrow, and may have to get the family to taste the off cuts to ensure its right. But not to worry, there’ll be another Easter, and another cake.

I tell you want, it has made me innately aware of everything that I would normally put into my food, and has me questioning whether I actually NEED a lot of it.. For the last three weeks I’ve been detoxing, and eating very cleanly, and I feel great. It will be interesting to see how my body reacts with the reintroduction of many “normal” foods.

So, I’m on a journey, it’s going to take a good part of this year, but boy is the destination going to be worth it!