It’s getting to that time of the year again ……..

I need to make my Christmas Cake, I have had the fruit soaking for a good few days now, and I should have made it a few weeks back, but time has gotten the better of me this year and I’m lagging behind.

I’m lucky enough to have acquired my husband’s Grandmother’s Christmas Cake Recipe.  In my opinion it’s one of the yummiest Christmas cakes I have ever had.  She has on the odd occasion sent one down to Wellington for us.  Other times when we have passed through Rotorua on our way to go camping she has had one sitting there waiting for us to pick up to take with us.  If our camping buddies know that we are passing through Rotorua on the way, they can’t wait till we get there to break out the cake when we have a cup of coffee or wine after dinner.  Of course, as always, it always tastes better when she makes it, but I think I’m getting better as the years go on.

Christmas FruitThe secret is to make the cake at lest a month in advance, to soak the fruit in alcohol the night before you make it, and to wrap it well after baking and letting it sit in its own juices, so to speak. That is my mission for the next few days I think..

I had a look at my limoncello yesterday, and decided it was a good time to add the sugar syrup.  It has been steeping for over 40 days now, and I must say, it is smelling mighty fine.  I have already had a few people mention that they are rather partial to a bit of limoncello, so they might find themselves on the end of a bottle for Christmas.  I am really looking forward to taking that camping this year.

LimoncelloA few years back, I did a bit of a truffle thing.  I made a couple of hundred of the things and sold them to friends and family a few weeks before Christmas.  I know a few people intended to gift them, and they didn’t make it home with them that night, a good sign that they were good.  I have had a few requests as to if I’m going to make them again this year, and I was thinking that I might.  It’s a great stocking stuffer.  I was also thinking of making a few packs of christmas shortbread and some mini Christmas Cakes too, something to keep me occupied over the next week or so.

We put our Christmas Tree up tonight, it’s amazing how Christmas gets that wee bit more exciting every year as the kids get older and into it.  I’m loving it, and despite everything else that is going on at the moment, I’still feeling decidedly Christmasy, to tell you the truth, it’s a welcome distraction for what lays just around the corner.  So, with that in mind, get your Christmas On!!  We are!

Thanks for reading!

Lee Lewis


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  1. Lee-Ann N says:

    Lee you make me feel guilty – I’m not working and I can’t bring myself to try and make a cake..but I might just have to try your family recipe!. It’s always hectic up to Xmas and i find I need soaking in alcohol not the fruit but with BFeeding maybe the fruit will get it this year. Maya made cute reindeer biscuits this weekend, turn a gingerbread man upside down, wiggle of icing up the legs for antlers with a sprinkle of glitter, jaffa nose and white choc buttons for eyes with a choc drop or icing for pupils and the mans arms become a reindeer ears. Very cute! Of course Dads wonder what you’ve done as gingerman upwards it looks like a big breasted woman!
    Merry Xmas to the family- the Newtons

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