Too easy Homemade tortillas for quick mexican meals

Ever looked in the pantry and decided you wanted quesadilla, only to find out there are no tortillas?  Don’t fret, there is a solution.  If you have flour, water, oil and salt, you are on your way.  It only takes a minute or two to make the dough, no need to let the dough rise.  Minimal kneading is required, and in the end you have a great bread to wrap your favorite mexican meal in.  Mine would have to be a quesadilla.  Yummy spicy chili, beans and cheese enveloped in a tortilla, splashed with chili sauce for good measure, cheese on top and baked in the oven for all of five minutes!  Minimal fuss, maximum flavor.

Had never made tortillas before, but found it easy enough, and they tasted like a bought one, if not better, as they were fresh off the press.  I am however covered in flour, I’m not really a tidy cook, and answering the door with sticky fingers.

Bundles of homemade tortillas – too easy

Give them a go, far too easy and now that I have made them I’m convinced it’s another recipe that would be handy to have tucked up your sleeve.  Right, lets call it  a wrap!

Thanks for reading.