Far too easy Banoffee Pie

Yes, I know, this is yet ANOTHER post about dessert, but it tis the season, so embrace it.

A few months ago Tim came home from work raving about a Banoffee Pie that one of his friends had brought into work. While I have eaten a bit of Banoffee Pie, it was another thing that I have never made, that was until a few weeks back. I pulled out this recipe that Tim had managed to procure from his friend, and had a good look at it.

The recipe calls for boiling cans of condensed milk for two hours, to make that beautiful caramel filling for the pie. Being a kiwi, I’m all about doing things the easy way. I knew that in NZ we can buy caramel condensed milk for exactly this kind of purpose, so I did, and away we go. The easiest Banoffee Pie you will ever make.

Make sure you put a stack load of bananas in, and a truck load of grated Chocolate on top and you’ll have a winner, hands down. This dessert comes with a warning. It’s far to easy to make and even easier to eat, making it a very dangerous dish to have in your arsenal Good luck sticking to one piece!

Thanks for reading