Tomatoes on Tomatoes

It’s been the week of tomatoes in our home.  This came about because of the purchase of a multitude of tomatoes, on special, with the thought of making a Gazpacho for a dinner, only to change my mind.  I then had to use these beautiful tomatoes in creative ways before they went to waste.  So what do you do with 1.5 kg of ripe tomatoes?

We have had tomato salad, tomato and couscous, tomato and avo on toast, tomatoes on tomatoes, and I even made a tomato relish, much to Tim’s delight.

Tomato and CousCous Salad

It reminded me how much I like a good relish, and it’s such a versatile condiment that lends itself towards so many dishes.  Wonderful with cheese and crackers, great in tarts with eggs and cheese, even just on it’s own as an accompaniment to meat … relish the relish I say!

I had never made it before, and now that I haven’t I’m not sure why I haven’t, so easy and so tasty.  As always, I DIDN’T follow the recipe, I just adapted it to what I had in the pantry at the time, and I wonder if it would taste different with the original stated vinegar and sugar, but none the less I’m very happy with the result.  Next time I might have another play and see what we can come up with. But for now, we have a few jars stashed in our pantry, and at the current rate of consumption, I’m sure they aren’t going to last long.

So now that I have used all but three tomatoes, I’m feeling a lot better about not wasting this beautiful produce.  And hey, I got to try something different.

I’m looking forward to when tomatoes are a little cheaper and I can bottle some soup and sauce for next winter, but in the mean time I’ll have that Gazpacho to look forward to.  Who knows, if you’re coming to our house for dinner any time soon, it could well be on the menu.

Thanks for reading!


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