This morning I rocked out the Iron, and I liked it

I hate ironing, I buy clothes that I don’t have to iron, because I don’t enjoy all the ironing.  I iron Tim’s work shirts though, call me mad.  I have noticed that the kids are now producing little ironing piles of their own, how old do you think they should be before I teach them how to iron, then I can relinquish the chore that I dislike, almost as much as cleaning the oven.

not sure how I’d cope without the first cup of the day

This morning how ever, I pulled out the iron and I love it.  Granted it wasn’t the Steam Iron, it was the Gem Iron.  I have looked for one online for ages, and you know, they are so expensive these days.  You pay well in excess of $60 for a good cast iron gem iron, I’m going to start scouring the second hand shops for a decent one.  In the mean time, I have “borrowed” Mum’s.  Borrowed meaning that I have asked if I can have it on the proviso that is she needs it I can give it back, I like these kind of arrangements.  While her’s isn’t cast iron, it is still heavy metal, and produces pretty good results.

while it’s not a cast iron one, it still produces great results.

I have wanted to play with gems for a while, that beautiful crispy outside that the iron produces, and beautiful either light or dense cake (depending on the recipe) combination is to die for.  I have dreams of making passionfruit, lemon, citrus  apple and chocolate gems, though I’m sure none will come close to the ginger gems of my childhood, but one can only hope.  I noticed a few months back when I was looking through all of Nan’s recipe books that there were a lot of gem recipes in there.  I’m thinking that I will try and find a really stable base recipe, and then start playing with the flavors.

In the mean time, here is my first attempt, not ginger gems, but coffee gems, and they are gorgeous!

Coffee Gems, ready to take out to coffee group

Thanks for reading.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. shambition says:

    They were my first gems (actually the first time I’ve come across them apart from the “scones, gems & pikekets”.section of the edmonds cook book. They were chewy & yummo. Lucky us

  2. OMG I just read this and realised that I haven’t had gems in YEARS. Oh so lovely. Will ask my mum if she has one.

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