Limoncello and Lemonade

It’s that time of the year where I need to start thinking about making Limoncello so it’s ready in time for summer.  I made my first batch last year and it was delicious!  Some of it managed to find its way into our chilly bin to take away camping and the rest was given away as Christmas gifts.  I was thinking of doing the same this year too.

It’s wonderful that Limoncello making season coincides with the time of the year when Nan’s Lemon tree is brimming with lemons, and Mum brings me bags of lemons when she comes home from visiting.  Looking at my fruit bowl this morning, overflowing with lemons, it was just screaming out for something to be done with it.

Limoncello is so easy to make, all you need is Vodka, lemons, sugar syrup and about 60-80 days 🙂  The lemon peels are steeped in vodka for between 10-40 days (the longer you leave it the better the taste) and then sugar syrup is added and left for another 10-40 days.  Last year I was feeling a little lazy and just left the peel in the bottles, it’s looked really nice and added to the lemon flavor.  This year I think I’ll leave a few peels in for presentation, I have longer to make it this year, so the lemon flavor should be fairly intense by the time it comes to drinking it.

Of course Limoncello can be used for a range of things, not just for sipping over ice on a hot summer’s afternoon on the deck.  You can pour it over ice cream, use it as a base for cooking meats like chicken and fish, baking, cheesecakes, cocktails, the list is endless.  Check out the web for any number of ideas and recipes.

So after making the Limoncello, I had 15 peeled lemons sitting on my bench. Tom was absolutely busting to make Lemonade.  We had done this last week at my friend’s house, and he wanted to do it again.  Apparently today was “perfect Lemonade weather Mummy”, and how could you resist that?  So I whipped out the food processor, threw the juicing attachment on it and juiced away.  Some simple syrup, water and there you have it, the yummiest lemonade ever.

Perfect for drinking in the sun on a beautiful afternoon while watching the kids play on the trampoline with the hose.  Divine.

Thanks for reading.


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