Desserts in jars

Normally I’m not one to bow to peer pressure, or worry too much about the fashions of the day, but in this instance I just couldn’t help myself.

Desserts in jars.  They are far too cute, and the presentation looks amazing.  There is an added bonus, since there are individual servings, I can’t go back for seconds.

We had family over for dinner on Friday night and I decided the time had come, the time to try my hand at making these little delights, and I thought what better way to start than Lemon Meringue Pie?

The construction of a dessert in a jar is a little more fiddly than a standard dessert, generally because you can’t bake in jar, so you have to find other ways of getting around that.

But by all accounts this was a success, it tasted great, it looked amazing.  Pretty happy for a first attempt.

Thanks for reading.


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