Flying by the seat of my pants, on a magic carpet made of Filo

I’m not convinced all of these are going to make it to the bickie tin

Wow, it’s hailing outside, the weather seems to have turned towards winter again.  Why does spring have to tease us so?  It’s not fair.  You get lured into this false sense of security that summer is finally on it’s way, we get a few beautiful spring days when the days are warming, and then we get thrust into the middle of winter, with a sudden arctic chill.  Rough.

I rang Mum this morning as asked if they’d like to come over for some afternoon team.  It seemed like a good excuse to do some baking.  It’s quite a comforting thing, the smell of baking wafting through the house, especially when looking out the windows at the crazy stormy weather.  Peanut brownies and ginger crunch for the folks, and chocolate chip bickies for the hubby.  Everyone should be happy after that.

Since I made Ricotta yesterday, I decided that I should probably do something exciting with it for dinner.  So with no recipe in mind,  I set to experimenting in the kitchen.  Sometimes throwing things in a bowl and seeing how they go can be exciting and terrifying at the same time.  I’m thankful that my family will eat almost anything that I put in front of them, at least once anyway.

I was thinking along the lines of filo, egg, spinach, ricotta, maybe some caramelised onions on top ….. a tart it is (heh, Dad always makes funny jokes about tarts, especially Christmas Tarts … I giggle when I say it myself now).  It tasted pretty darn good to tell you the truth, the onions added a nice balance to the strong spinach and bitey Ricotta,  Yum.

So here is the recipe for my Ricotta, Spinach and Caramelised Onion Tart

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