Oregano gone wild!

This time of the year is a little but unpredictable as far as weather goes though, the last few days have been typical Wellington weather with four seasons in one day, blue skies, torrential rain and then clear again.  Don’t expect to be able to take your umbrella into the city though, the wind is a little unforgiving.

Today was a different story, quite settled.  We spent the day in the sun at a friend’s house, willing summer to make it’s way to Wellington again.  It was beautiful, the kids were playing in the water and running around with togs, and for some part in the nud.

I don’t know about your gardens, but I have noticed a huge amount of growth that has come about due to the warm moist spring weather.  It was last week when I noticed that my herb garden was starting to go a little bit crazy, the oregano in particular needed a wee bit of a haircut.  Today was the day for a trim.

Tonight I had squash, I needed to get something on the table that was fast and tasty.  Given the Oregano situation I thought Pasta and pesto would be the  winner.

A lot of people will buy pesto, which is fair enough.  I do most of the time, but when there is an abundance of herbs just begging to be used, I can’t think of anything else better to make.

It doesn’t take much time, or effort for that matter, basically just throw everything in the food processor, and Bob’s your Aunty,  Hey Presto (or Pesto in this case)!

It tasted amazing mixed through some hot pasta, just as it is, with a sprinkle of extra parmesan for good measure.  You can make it with any kind of  nuts you prefer, anything with good flavor.    Experiment with different herbs, you can add spinach or parsley, basil is the obvious choice, but be adventurous.  Making pesto is a great way to thin out an overrun herb garden, or to use up some herbs that won’t make it through the week on your bench or windowsill.

Pesto is a fantastic condiment to have on hand in the fridge, for a touch of something different on bread with cheese, or as I have, added to pasta for a quick and simple meal.

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