Healthier Cookies, for the most part

It’s been a crazy busy week, especially for one that was supposed to be a bit more chilled out than the last few.  I heard my old friend the baking bowl calling to me to reunite (we have missed each other for the last few weeks, with the exception of a few birthday cakes), for that calming zen that comes from baking.

Beautiful Vanilla Birthday Cupcakes with buttercream Roses, for my equally beautiful friend Jodes.

I felt myself yielding, yet in the back of my mind I had that nagging voice telling me that baking wasn’t going to help me eat healthier.  I relented.  I decided to search for a recipe that looked healthier than my favorite chocolate chip bickies.  Based on that criteria, it shouldn’t be hard.

I remembered reading something a few weeks ago on a blog that I follow about cookies that are so healthy that they could double for breakfast.  I wasn’t sure I could bring myself to eat biscuits for breakfast, but I could definitely give this recipe a go.  Wheatmeal flour, oats, oat flour (ground up oats), maple syrup, oil and I added some ginger and cinnamon, topped with my home made jam.

Tom and I whipped up a batch, I carefully pressed them down and made the thumb imprint to fill with jam.  We were almost sitting watching the oven for 14 minutes, waiting for them to bake.  Don’t you love that beautiful smell you get at the end of anything cooking, that signifies that it’s done?  We waited, then timer went off, and five minutes later Tom had one in his mouth, with appreciative groans emerging between chews.

Bet these don’t last long

They taste pretty good, dense and filling, with a naughty burst of sweet in the middle from the jam.  I can see that I’ll be making these again.  Did I mention that they are vegan?  So if you are at  a loss of what to make when your dairy-free friends come over, here is the ticket.

I made mine with 1/s tsp of ground ginger and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon.  They were perfect!

Happy “healthier” baking.

Thanks for reading


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