Raw beetroot, are you kidding me?

As I mentioned in a post last week I’m on a mission to try lots of interesting and tasty salads.  When our squash team was over the hill in Martinborough last week, the host team made a salad for dinner that would most definitely fit into the “different” category.  Beetroot salad.

When I think of beetroot salads I think of chunky bits of beetroot, doused in vinegar tasting pickling liquid.   This was not like that at all, it was beautiful and fresh, with a lovely natural sweet taste to it, and full of texture.

I thought I’d give it a go making one myself.  I threw a bunch of things that I thought would taste good together in the bowl, mixed it up and here you have it.  I guess it’s almost like a beetroot slaw …. grated raw beetroot, who would have thought?  The winning combination of carrot, pear, beetroot and coriander make this salad a great addition to any spring or summer table.  The salad that we tried last week had peanuts and sesame seeds in it too.  I might try that next time.

There is a warning on this one though, if you don’t want to have red stained hands for the rest of the day, you may wish to used gloves or a food processor with a grater attachment for grating the beetroot.

Good luck and enjoy.  Thanks for reading


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  1. shambition says:

    Roasted baby beets are amazing in salad too. Maybe with feta & greens. Ooh, hungry now

  2. emmycooks says:

    I sometimes like raw beet salads better than cooked! The sweetness is more tame-able. 🙂 There’s a Patricia Wells recipes I love that’s grated beets with olive oil, salt, and tons of lemon. To be followed, of course, by “healthy” cookies–glad to hear you liked those. 🙂

    1. Epicurean Rambler - Lee Lewis says:

      Yum, sounds fantastic. I want some now. Yes, the cookies were great, notice I said were, they are all GONE!

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