“I’m sorry Sir, we’re all out of Waldorfs”

I’m on a mission, and yes I’m going to combine it with a few other missions on the way.  I may even veer off on tangents that I didn’t expect to, but that’s all part of the fun right?  THIS particular mission is to make and taste as many interesting and different salads as I can, and yes, I’ll probably post a few up here.

I have a few favorites that I bring out at summer time for BBQ’s and meals when we have friends over, but there must be more.

I find something intriguing about finding a new salad that I like, especially when they are combinations of things that I never thought would work so well, or didn’t even think of.  There are many keys to making a great salad; freshness, an awesome dressing, texture, layers …. just to name a few.  I’ll post a few of my favorites over the next month or so, along with some classics, and I’ll try some new ones.  Maybe you could help me out?

There are also a few camps when it comes to whether fruit have a place in salads (unless it’s a fruit salad).  Personally I like fruit in my salad, sometimes.  It gives it that extra element of surprise, and lets face it, most of us like surprises.

I thought I’d start with a classic, one that I haven’t made before, but I have eaten a lot of.  Yes it’s a bit old-school or retro if you prefer, maybe it reminds you of the 70’s, but if it’s made right it can be anything but bland and boring.  I adore this salad, and it’s funny as I giggle anytime I hear the name.  All I can hear is Tim doing his impression of Basil Faulty, “I’m sorry Sir, we’re all out of Waldorfs!”.

I made my salad with Waldorf Salad with lite mayo, I’m pretty sure it’s the classic way of doing it (well with Mayo at least), I prefer it that way, but you can substitute the mayo with yoghurt if you prefer.  A yummy easy salad, takes all of 10 minutes, and great for something a little different.

Thanks for reading!


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