Daffy, Donald, Daisy …. I’m not fussy …..

At this time of the year we seem to get a lot more ducks hanging around our suburb than normal.  They are all nesting in preparation for having their little families.  A few weeks later we see each pair of ducks with their 20 odd little ducklings.  I have tried to count the amount of pairs that we have around our area, and at times I have seen at least 10 pairs hanging out together.  That’s an awful lot of ducks!

Some people may call it mean, but all of those ducks just sitting around, looking all plump …. and tasty, seem to remind me of how much I enjoy eating duck, and in fact I start to look out my window craving duck confit, duck a ‘l’orange, peking duck, BBQ duck, apricot and almond stuffed duck, duck ,duck, DUCK!

So I succumbed, I couldn’t help myself, and I made duck a ‘l’orange, my favorite, and for the first time in about four years.

It was so tasty, perfect for this time of the year, when oranges are plentiful on the shelves in shops.  It’s so easy to make, the only thing that should probably put you off it is the price of the bird, $23 a pop, and that would only serve four adults, so something that you would want to make when you are having a small dinner party.  But it tastes SO GOOD.

What are your favorite duck recipes?  And more importantly, who goes shooting when it’s duck season and wants to drop a few at our place on the way passed?  🙂

Have a great day


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  1. Joe Worsley says:

    You must have the largest ducks ever. 4 adults? Or perhaps your adults have no appetite!

    1. think it was a size 23. Was really interesting, I was expecting it to shrink heaps, but it didn’t shrink as much as I expected. We had a 1/4 of the duck each and it actually seemed enough. Not like that one that I made for us a few years back, did I do two ducks then or just one? I can’t remember. Must be the cooking technique maybe, I don’t remember boiling the duck before hand last time …

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