All good intentions were flung out the window, without a thought

Oh my goodness!   Our family has had a rough time this week.  My Nan had a trip to hospital in an Ambulance and had to have emergency surgery on Tuesday, so I rushed up North to see her.  Luckily my amazing husband was able to come home from work for a few days to look after the kids.  Long story short, this involved a lot of stress, traveling back and forth, a very emotional time and being extremely exhausted, but in the end Nan has fought her way through it all and is now recovering steadily (thank goodness!)  She is such a trooper, amazing for a woman that is nearly 90!  At times like this I am thankful that she is stubborn, I think Mum and I both have that trait as well 🙂

This has resulted in lots of takeaways while on the road, stress eating, and all of my good intentions of being more organised (attempting to post every day) and eating healthier, being flung out the window without a thought.  I fell of the wagon, in fact the wagon was totally trashed and towed to the demo yard to be destroyed.  I have procured a new one, and I aim to be back on track this week.

In happier news, we were lucky enough to have Tim’s Mum, sisters and nephew staying over the weekend.  It was great to catch up, being from Aussie we only get to seem them once or twice a year, if that.  We had a roast on Saturday night for dinner, and I felt the need to make some dessert.  I looked in the pantry and freezer, and had all the fixings that I needed for my version on Berrymisu.  YUM!  Have never made it before, but I threw some things together (and for a change I took notice of how much I was putting in) and they seemed to come together in delightful balanced harmony, sprinkled with chocolate twirls for good measure.

I meant to take a photo of it before we all tucked in to eat it, and I forgot, so this is the best I can do, you’ll have to imagine that the dish was full.

I guess this was testament that it was a great dessert, and will have to be made again.  And the leftovers?  The small amount that was left was covered in the fridge and was devoured last night.   As with most things of this nature, it tasted much better yesterday, so I might suggest making this one in advance if you have the time.

Well, lets hope for a better week this week!  Thanks for reading. It’s nice to be back again.



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  1. Lee-Ann N says:

    great to hear your Nan is on improve and things went well. Love the granola breakfast bar blog. Have dug out my favorite Dean S – the global baker granola/museli recipe which I ramp up with extra spice and orange zest and will convert to a bar me thinks based on your recipe what a fab idea!..thanks for the inspiration! tho having just signed up for weightwatchers..perhaps I need to shelve your blog for a few months or only look at the green photos and nothing coloured brown and luxurious!

    1. Hey Lee-Ann. Thanks for your comment! You may need to share that recipe with me one day! 🙂 Yes I am on a mission to try and loose a few of these extra tyres I seem to be carrying around. I’m going to try and eat a bit healthier for a while too, so you should be able to read and not feel too tempted to eat naughty food. Feel free to pull me up if you see me misbehaving 🙂 I just have a few more posts to get out of the way … then I’m good 🙂

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