What the heck are pea tendrils?

I love spotting new foods that I haven’t used before, buying them, and then figuring out what to do with them when I get home, it’s living on the edge 🙂   This is often what happens when we go to the markets or an Asian Food store.

This time it was Moore Wilson’s that I had this experience in.  I was looking for some baby veggies to go with my Duck A’l’orange (more about this later) and I spotted the pea tendrils (or pea shoots).  I’ve heard all about them in food magazines, or on tv programmes, but have never used them myself.  So, in the trolley they went!

So what is a pea tendril or pea shoot?  Basically it’s a baby pea plant, generally a garden pea or snow pea.  Yes you can grow them yourself, in fact you probably already do, and you may even throw them away as you are thinning out you pea patch.  Now that I know this I won’t be throwing mine away, they taste divine!

Once I got them home I did a little research and found that you use them in salads, or stir fries, pretty much the same as you would any green like spinach. And speaking of spinach, they taste like a cross between spinach and a sweet pea, yum.  You eat the whole thing, who would have thought?

So how have I used mine?  I garnished my baby veggies for the duck a’l’orange ( I just threw them in the sauté pan for a few seconds at the end of cooking).  I have used them to add a little texture to my Waldorf salad (more about this later too), tomorrow I’m going to chuck them in a stir fry and see how we go.

Overall I’m pretty happy, they taste great, straight from the punnet raw, or cooked in dishes, or dressed in salads.  Have a look around, there are some amazing recipes for pea tendrils.

Happy experimenting!


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