Herbs: More than meets the eye, or tastebuds for that matter.

Since making an effort to get my herb garden underway, I have also been making an effort to experiment with new herbs, and use at least one in a meal every day.  The thing that I love about herbs are that they are extremely versatile, not only in culinary but also in medicine and landscaping as well.

It’s amazing how a bunch of fresh herbs can just lift a dish.  Sautéed veggies in tarragon Butter, sage butter on ravioli, a bouquet garni in oso buco.  Herbs are often used to flavor savory dishes, but their delicate flavors and aromas also lend themselves well to a variety of desserts and baked goodies.  I have started to play with herbs in baking and desserts, I never thought they would find their place in something sweet, but I was so wrong.  The grilled peaches that I made the other day had fresh rosemary sprinkled over them while they were still warm and they were just stunning.  I have been itching to make recipes for basil panna cotta, lemon and tarragon tart, the list goes on ….

For now I’m going to lend towards cocktail hour and mention my version of the minty Majito,  a perfect start to a BBQ, or something refreshing to wrap your lips around sitting on the deck on a summer’s afternoon.

How to make it you ask?

Fill a half full with ice.  Tip in 1 1/2 C of Bacardi and around 1/2 C of simple syrup. 1/2 cup of lime juice or lime cordial (I used Shots Tahitian Lime).  Place around 40 leaves of fresh mint in the jug and then fill with soda water.  Check and adjust with more simple syrup or lime if needed.



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