Brioche, Honeymoon and good times

I love it how food, music, smells evoke memories, and especially great memories.   That is totally what the smell, taste and even thought of Brioche does for me.

A few years back, Tim and I went on our honeymoon.  We decided we wanted to do a 2.5 week road trip around our beautiful South Island, and what a fantastic time it was.  We saw some amazing places, fantastic scenery, met some lovely people and experienced some great food in quaint little places all over the deep south.

Golden Bay, New Zealand

For those of you that have read some of my earlier posts, you will remember me complaining about the bad coffee, for the 2 week duration, I have no idea how we coped.  It wasn’t until we got to this fantastic little café in Takaka, the Dangerous Kitchen, that we finally got a great brew, and we made the most of it.  They did other amazing things there, I LOVED their burritos, but one item that really stood out was their amazing Brioche, with raspberry and white chocolate.  This was the first time I had ever tried Brioche and I think I feel in love straight away, for the second time on our honeymoon.

Brioche filled with home made mixed berry jam

Ever since then I have made Brioche, when the right opportunity has presented itself, and every time I smile as I remember sitting in the lovely garden bar out the back of this café drinking coffee and eating brioche, while gazing at my wonderful new husband across the table.  Good times.

On occasion I make brioche with chocolate and jam in it, but most of the time just use some of my home-made jam (due to me being lazy), but they always go down well.

What is it about brioche though?  It’s beautifully rich, due to the amount of butter and eggs in it.  I love it.  So versatile too.  Great for french toast, used with meat dishes or even in a dessert.  Surprise yourself and experiment.

Happy baking


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