Nana’s Kitchen

I’ve been looking at recipes recently that should probably fall into the group “Nana’s Kitchen” for one of three reasons;  either it was something that she used to make, something that reminds me of her or something that has no business coming out of anywhere but Nan’s kitchen. A perfect example of this was one night last week when I asked my son Tom what he wanted for dinner.  Being the perfect toddler, he said “eggs.  no sausages. …. I want both!!”  So it got me to thinking …. hang on, I’m sure there was something that was super cool in the 70’s and 80’s, and you can still find in supermarkets today …. it was similar to sausages and eggs ….. oh yes …. the scotch egg. So here I am, bringing eggy back!  It just so happened that I had a bunch of sausage meat in the freezer and some eggs to use in the pantry.  Scotch eggs here we come! Fairly easy really, boil some eggs, mix together the meat another egg, seasoning, wrap it around your boiled and peeled egg and Bob’s your Aunty!  I remember this being a popular feature in picnic baskets. The kids loved it and I must admit, I think my husband and I secretly enjoyed visiting our childhood.  Easy dinner, served with salad and chips.  Done!


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