Going old-school with the cheese bread

A few days ago I wanted to make some cheese bread for lunch, it just happened to coincided with the time that Tim needed to turn the power off at the mains, so I was forced to do it by hand, rather than in my breadmaker.  I had wanted to start  making bread by hand more, but had just found myself getting a little too lazy and using my breadmaker for the dough, so this was the perfect motivation to spur me on.

By chance our pantry was also running a little low, so I had to substitute a few minor ingredients. With all this in mind I was skeptical of how the bread was going to finish up, but in the end I was nicely surprised.

The process of kneading the bread is quite therapeutic, you need to knead the bread for about 10 minutes at the beginning, and then once or twice more during the rising process.

A lovely way to spend some time in the kitchen, and maybe even the best bread I have made yet.

Happy baking