Playing with Asian Flavors: Part II – Asian Salads

When I normally make dumplings I generally make fried rice to go with it, mainly because it’s something simple, it’s not labor intensive and it’s filling.  This time however I wanted something fresh to go with the Gyoza, so I hunted around for some inspiration …. mmm . Asian Salads.

I found two recipes that I liked the look of.  I couldn’t choose what I wanted to make, so you guessed it, I just made my version of both.  A Satay Chicken Salad (from Pinch of Yum), and a Anglo-Asian Lamb Salad (from Nigella Express).

Anglo-Asian Lamb Salad

They were both great and went well with the Gyoza, but if I had to choose which one I liked best, the chicken salad won hands down.  I changed it up a bit and used brussel sprouts instead of cabbage.  The addition of the deep fried noodles added that extra dimension and gave it that satisfying and a slight guilty crunch, I love that in a salad.  Yum, I’m salivating just remembering it.

They both took a bit of preparation, the chicken needed marinating for an hour before cooking, and the lamb required a dressing that effectively “cooked” the lamb after it was sealed off.

Chicken Satay Salad

As with any salad there is room to play, room to make it your own, mix it up a bit, change the ingredients (in either the dressing or the salad itself).  That’s the great thing about salads, they are forgiving, and you can’t really stuff it up.

With summer coming up it’s a safe bet to say that you’ll probably see these salads grace our table again in some shape or form, maybe at a BBQ or an impromptu dinner.  They both looked amazing and had great flavors to boot.   But really, it IS all about the taste, isn’t it?


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