Take time to smell the roses

Vanilla Cupcakes with Roses

I often get asked to do random things for my friends, but this is by far one of my favorites, giving flowers and cake to someone on their birthday.  I love the smile on the recipients face, that must be one of the best things about being a courier.

My good friend Sam lives up north these days, and on the odd occasion he asks me to take his family members flowers on their birthdays.  I asked if he’d like me to deliver cupcakes to his Mum this time too?

It gave me an excuse to bake, and really, any day is a great day for baking.   It also gave me an excuse to play with fondant.  Now I have known Sam and his family for the last 18 odd years,  I thought his Mum would like something pretty, this called for Vanilla Cupcakes, with fondant Roses on top.

Made with half and half gumpaste and fondant

I have never made fondant roses before and I was pretty chuffed with the outcome.  They were fairly easy to make and once I got the hang of it they started to look ok.  The thing I love about roses, is that not two roses look the same, which suits my style of fondant creation perfectly, for this reason I’d say my roses looked pretty authentic 🙂

Once the roses had set I gave the centres a quick brush with crimson dusting powder and the outer petals a light coating of luster paint, and Bob’s ya Aunty.  Done!

I managed to find some lovely cups and slipped the baked cupcakes into these.  Then I simply pushed the roses into some fresh vanilla buttercream icing, and Voilà!

So my mantra for the day.  Take time to do something nice for someone, say yes as much as you can.  Take time to smell the roses, and in this case, they smelt of vanilla and fondant.

Happy sniffing


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  1. mydearbakes says:

    Your cake decorating works are so amazing! =)

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