Worms, Chocolate Chips, Green Eggs and no ham

My worm farm has now been up and running for about four weeks.  When I purchased my first batch of worms, some of them arrived home DOA, and I don’t think I bought enough, so I thought I’d remedy the situation.  I asked a friend if I could trade some home-made chocolate chip bickies for some worms from their farm.  So we bundled the kids in the car and headed out to grab some worms.

The exchange was made and I even managed to score some chicken manure at the same time.  Our worm farm is on the way to being great now.  I’ll update this again in a few months, I have just added the second tray and put my scraps straight into that.  I have also added some old carpet as a moisture blanket in the top tray.  Wish me luck.

While we were there, the kids spotted his chickens, they even got to feed them.   We came across these beautiful silver ones, Lavender Araucana.  The amazing thing is that they lay blue eggs, and in Charlie’s case green ones.  Just gorgeous.  Apparently they taste just as a normal egg would.  They reminded me of something out of Dr Seuss, we have the green eggs, now all we need is the ham.  I had never seen this type of chook before, but after a bit of research it seems that they are a great chicken for Wellington and especially if you have kids, might be something to consider.

I always buy free-range eggs, generally a moral choice.  I have thought of getting some chickens for out in the backyard, for a while,  but I have wondered if raising chickens in a backyard hutch would be just as bad as a battery hen?  How much space do you really need for them?  We just need to sort out what we are going to do with the backyard.  Quite a few of my friends are successfully raising them and getting yummy eggs for baking, and they would be good fun for the kids too.  Food for thought anyway …..

Do you raise chickens?  Let me know your thoughts.


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