Good food, good wine, good company – bad weather.

We have had an awesome weekend, socialising over meals with great friends two days in a row.  What can be better really?  I got to try new recipes, had wonderful company and fantastic wine.

Speaking of wine, I have always been one to say that wine is a particular taste, what tastes great to one person, doesn’t necessarily to the next.  I have my favorites, some of them are stupidly cheap and other’s are a little on the pricey side, but hey, if you’re enjoying them with people who appreciate the taste and the value of the wine, then who cares?  Which brings me to my next gripe.  Just because it’s an expensive wine, doesn’t mean it tastes fantastic.  I have had my share of expensive wine and some of them were pretty naff to tell you the truth.  But last night I was nicely surprised.  Our friends had purchased a celebratory bottle of Moet to drink with us, and of course it would be rude not to partake.  I was nicely surprised, it had a beautiful taste to go with the price tag, and something that I would consider purchasing for a special occasion.  Yummo, thanks John!

Today I felt especially spoilt.  These same friends that came for dinner last night, stayed overnight and made us a beautiful breakfast this morning.  I must admit it has taken me years to come to grips with sharing my kitchen with anyone, I have been know to be a little territorial.   My best friends would tell you that I’m even less inclined to let people cook FOR me in MY kitchen, but I think those that know me well would have been encouraged by my ability to stand back and let it happen around me this morning.  Our friend and his father make some fantastic sausages, they are easily the tastiest sausages I have eaten, and we happened to have a package of their Chorizo in our possession   So with this in mind, they had planned ahead and we were treated to a beautiful Hungarian Scrambled Eggs Dish.  My goodness!!  Yet another example of how only a few beautiful fresh ingredients can be brought together in harmony to make something quite stunning.  A perfect way to start the day after a rather late evening the night before.

I managed to throw together some fresh bread and a batch of dairy-free Brioche (there is a first time for everything) to accompany the eggs.  I was nicely surprised.  I had swapped out the butter and milk for olivani and soy-milk.   I honestly thought that something was going to get lost in translation, ie: that the brioche was going to loose some of their richness, or the texture was going to be dense, or disaster, I was going to be able to taste the soymilk, but lo and behold, none of the above happened, in fact they were quite nice.  It’s always nice when something goes right when you are trying it for the first time with friends 🙂

I think I almost got off scott free today, I didn’t really do any cooking for dinner either, with the exception of some assembly involved in sorting some nibbles and dessert.  It was our turn to head down the road for the “weekly family meal” tonight.  Matt cooked up a beautiful creamy, mushroomy, bacony pasta that was just gorgeous, all those things that go together so well.   We could smell it cooking while walking down the road (I was secretly hoping that the enticing, rich smells were seeping from THEIR extraction fan vent, and not some other home in the street).

Food and family, a great way to spend the last part of the weekend, fully relaxed over a few glasses of wine with wonderful company, and maybe a dessert cocktail thrown in for good measure.

All in all, a great weekend, but I am left thinking that Sunday Evening has come all too soon, why has the weekend gone so fast? But alas, tomorrow is Monday, and another week will start all over again.

Happy munching


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  1. what’s better than two days in a row – make it three!

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