You can call me a geek, but definitely not a nerd!

A few years ago when we had our daughter a good friend of mine brought us a beautiful Greek Pie for dinner.  It tasted amazing, so of course I asked her for the recipe, thanks Georgie!  As with a lot of Greek food, it’s the combination of just a few simple ingredients that pull together to make something that is both smooth on the tongue and an explosion of flavor in the mouth.  It isn’t a traditional Spanakopita or Greek Pie, but rather a cut down version, and  consists of Pastry, eggs, cream, spinach, feta, garlic, haloumi and oregano.

Long story short I have made it ever since.  Over the years I have played with the recipe and changed things around a bit, depending on what we have had the pantry or fridge at the time, and have come up with something that we as we in our household have affectionately called Geek Pie (perhaps because we are both IT people).

It is loosely based on Georgie’s recipe, with a few changes that I find it a bit more forgiving on the budget and waist.  As with most things I tend to just chuck stuff in and don’t worry about measuring, but I took extra care last time I made it to note the exact quantities of ingredients I was using so I could pass it on.

We tend to eat this with lashings of Branston pickle and a fresh salad on the side.  It’s a  wonderful dish if you need to make something in advance or take something out for dinner, and it’s as nice cold as it is hot.  The perfect meal really ,it tastes great, is really fast to put together and mind the pun, but easy as pie to make.



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