So over paying for it, it’s ridiculous!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that’s what they tell us.  I know when I have forgotten to have a bit in the morning I get a bit grumpy, not as bad as when I have left my coffee sitting on the bench and walked out of the house, but close.

Tim is often in a rush in the morning to leave, and is sometimes manages to rush out of the house without eating.  I figure with all the brain work that he does, he needs to eat, so we have generally kept a stock of OSM’s in the cupboard.  The thing is, I begrudge spending $14 on 6 bars, its highway robbery, call me cheap, maybe it’s just my Scotishness coming out again, but I think we can do better than that.

For the last wee while I’ve looked around for breakfast bar recipes that look tasty and have a whole bunch of good brain food in them (nuts, seeds, dried fruit ….).  I came across Nigella’s one in her Nigella Express book the other day, and used that as inspiration for the bars pictured below.  I have played with it slightly.  I have also cooked half the batch for the time she suggested and then half the batch for a bit long for a bit more colour.  Think I like the crunchier ones better.

I might have another play in a few weeks, and try to do one with butter and honey (or something else).  These are nice, but they are pretty sweet and the condensed milk is quite a dominant flavour, probably less so in the longer cooked ones as they have caramelised more.

What recipes do you have that I can try?