Beer and Beef Pie with Chocolate Mousse

Since it was Father’s Day here in Kiwi Land, the order of the day was anything that Tim wanted.  After watching the masterclass on MasterChef the other night, Tim nearly climbed inside the TV to get to the Beef and Guinness Pie, I asked if he’d like that for lunch on Father’s Day.

I adjusted the recipe a bit, I didn’t have Guinness so I used ale instead.  I had never used sour cream pastry and thought that I’d give it a go.  What a beautiful texture, rich and crumbly, yet flakey at the same time.  And the filling.  Oh my goodness, the filling, just stunning.  The meat fell apart without being cut, just delicious. This is the first time that I have cooked with beer (with the exception of beer bread) so another first.  I’ll have to investigate beer recipes a bit more, it’s tweaked my curiosity.  Of course the only way that this could be eaten was with lashings of Tomato sauce!  The good old Kiwi way.

Tonight we had good friends over for dinner, the boys got to choose the main, Roast Pork, and again I asked Tim what he wanted for pudding.  Chocolate Mousse.  I thought I’d try a new spin on the normal request, so I had a go at making a tipple layer mousse.  Dark Chocolate, Mocha, topped with White Chocolate and vanilla bean, with cream and shavings of Dark and White Chocolate on top.  VERY rich, but delicious.  I think the white chocolate was my favorite, it was a bit lighter than the other layers.  Something to work on for next time.

Did you do anything special today?  Happy Father’s day!


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