An unlikely ingredient gives such an unexpected result




Who can resist a great Macaroni Cheese?  I LOVE cheesy pasta, the kids really do to. Mum used to make me Macaroni cheese as a kids and it’s one of my favorite childhood meals.  When I make it these days, I can’t help but smile and, feel like I’m reliving part of my childhood.  The other wonderful thing, which I’m almost positive makes it taste so good, is that it’s low fuss and doesn’t take a huge amount of time to make!

But just like anything, for a good Mac and Cheese, there are a few boxes that must be ticked.  The sauce has to be tasty with a bit of kick, and there has to be enough of it that it coats the pasta, so it has that yummy cheesy oozy texture.  The pasta has too be cooked well, you don’t want mushy pasta.  And the topping, don’t get me started on the topping.  Supper cheesy (I’ve been accused of being cheesy – there must be something in that), and yummily crunchy, with a beautiful golden brown finish.

For years I have made my sauce with dry mustard powder in it, that’s what Mum did, so that’s what I did.  But recently I was at the squash club and a friend of a friend was making her Mac and Cheese for the shared supper.  I noticed she had a bottle of sweet chili sauce on the bench, I thought surely she wasn’t going to put THAT in the sauce, but once I tried it I understood.  Sweet Thai Chili Sauce is not normally something you’d associate with Italian Cooking, but seriously, this was one of the best Macaroni Cheeses I’ve had!

So I have experimented a bit, some times I’ve added too much, other times not enough, but I now have it how I like it.  Here is my recipe.  Last night I was half way through making my Mac and Cheese and realised that we had run out of Sweet Chili, so I substituted for a bottle of Fire Roasted Pepper Sauce, and it was perfect.

If you’re wanting to look at some serious Mac and Cheese recipes, some a lot more unconventional than this, have a look at this site

Dinner’s up!

So there you have it, the addition of the most unlikely ingredient makes for a wonderful result.  Give it a go.  I’d be interested to hear your comments, as always, feedback is FULLY ENCOURAGED!



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  1. Joe Worsley says:

    When did you go all american? It’s not Mac and Cheese, it’s Mac Cheese.

    1. Yeah, I have called it both, being all inclusive since I’m international 🙂

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