The Sweetest thing about a lemon

There is something deliciously guilty about eating lemon curd straight from the jar, I love it!  Of course this isn’t the only way to eat it, thought it is right up there.

Lemon curd has to be one of my favorite condiments, it can be used in baking, for cake fillings or adding that element of surprise in the middle of a cupcake or muffin.  It’s equally as nice on toast, or ice cream for that matter.

The beautiful creamy texture and sumptuous rich taste makes it the perfect afternoon snack, with a scone and a cuppa.

Just to prove how versatile it is, here are just a few of its many uses, try one of the following if you have run out of ideas;

  • Mixed through greek yoghurt
  • Mixed with cream to make a dessert topping
  • Lemon mousse
  • Tart fillings
  • On top of crumpets or english muffins
  • add a bit of tarragon and heat for a fantastic sauce on fish and angel hair pasta.
  • on top of blueberry pancakes
  • as a filling for butter cookies, much like shrewsburies
  • make tiramisu using limoncello, lemon juice, and lemon zest in place of the usual components like espresso, marsala and chocolate/cocoa
  • As a topping for a Pav
  • Go crazy and make some french toast with brioche and smear it on top
  • Add as a lovely sauce to go with roasted chicken

How do you use yours?


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