Feeling peckish? Home made chips – just like a bought one, kinda …

We don’t often buy chipies in our house, trying to get out of the habit of eating junkie food, and I don’t want the kids eating too much either.  I noticed a good friend of my posted on Facebook a few weeks back about making them in the microwave of all things, who would’ve thought??   I thought I’d give it a blast!

Amazingly enough they really do work, and they taste great.  No oil or fat required, I just throw a bit of salt on them (optional) as they come out of the microwave.

Here’s the Biz

  1. Grab some potatoes (baking ones are good) – I used Purple Passion, as suggested by my friend
  2. Slice very thinly – I used a mandolin
  3. Take a sheet of baking paper and arrange the pieces of potato on it
  4. Place in the microwave and cook in 1 minute bursts until crispy
  5. Season with salt


Thanks Mon!


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