I think I needed coffee intravenously today ….

Help me, I’ve got blood in my coffee stream!  We had a rather busy weekend with sick kids, which meant not a huge amount of sleep when we needed it.  None the less as parents we plod on.

Today I NEEDED coffee and I felt I wasn’t getting enough, I could only imagine that Hubby was feeling the same at work.  I figured one way to perk up and get rid of the “Heck I need a nana-nap and it’s only Monday” blues was to make a coffee cake.

Yes, I know it’s really retro, they were HUGE in the 80’s, but short of popping down to the hospital with a bag of coffee and asking to be hooked up to an IV, I was out of ideas.

So a coffee cake I made.  It had around 2 quadruple shots in the cake itself and about the same and a shot of Kahlu in the butter cream.  Once iced, I promptly cut a slice for myself and then took the rest into town for hubby and the boys at work.

I must admit I felt a small hit eating it with my flat white in hand, I’m sure that will last a few more hours, until I need another one ….. coffee that is …….

Yum!  Coffee anyone?