I think I needed coffee intravenously today ….

Help me, I’ve got blood in my coffee stream!  We had a rather busy weekend with sick kids, which meant not a huge amount of sleep when we needed it.  None the less as parents we plod on.

Today I NEEDED coffee and I felt I wasn’t getting enough, I could only imagine that Hubby was feeling the same at work.  I figured one way to perk up and get rid of the “Heck I need a nana-nap and it’s only Monday” blues was to make a coffee cake.

Yes, I know it’s really retro, they were HUGE in the 80’s, but short of popping down to the hospital with a bag of coffee and asking to be hooked up to an IV, I was out of ideas.

So a coffee cake I made.  It had around 2 quadruple shots in the cake itself and about the same and a shot of Kahlu in the butter cream.  Once iced, I promptly cut a slice for myself and then took the rest into town for hubby and the boys at work.

I must admit I felt a small hit eating it with my flat white in hand, I’m sure that will last a few more hours, until I need another one ….. coffee that is …….

Yum!  Coffee anyone?



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  1. Vanessa says:

    Hi Lee. I’ve been following your epicurean ramblings on the recommendation of Jess D. Sick kids here over the weekend too so I got into some quiche making. It was surprisingly straightforward and easy to mix it up with different flavour combinations. Keep up the great posting! I’m going to make a coffee now 🙂 Vanessa

    1. Hi Vanessa. Thanks for your comment. I LOVE making quiche, it tastes so good. What flavours did you you experiment with? I quite like the classic Quiche Loraine, but I must admit the odd one with various veggies in it or even lending towards a Greek pie with lots of spinach and cheeses is great. You have inspired me, we might just have quiche tonight ourselves. Hope your kids are getting better. Enjoy your coffee!

      1. Vanessa says:

        I went with a Quiche Lorraine as this was the first one I made years ago. I also made one with salmon and spinach. I still had a bit of pastry left over (and heaps of egg mixture) so made some mini quiches using other leftovers. These ones ended up being an egg base and had a crispy pastry (with melted cheese) top – so perhaps not really quiche at all! They were really good with a bit of cream cheese sandwiched between the layers. Great for kids and next day left overs. I’ve frozen the equivalent of one quiche so I’m keen to see how that goes being reheated.

        Do you have any thoughts on using cream vs milk?

      2. Yum! Good work you! I use cream if I have any, but if there is none in the fridge then I find milk is nice, just not as creamy, but probably better for you 🙂

  2. Brezzdawg says:

    Bloody Tim – missed the boys in MS now didn’t he…… right that’s it…… I’m going to ….. um….. do something…. and he won’t like it either…..

    1. Well if you ask nicely I’ll make you one, you’ll have to come over and get it though!

  3. Brezzdawg says:

    DONE! what are you doing in 20 minutes…… it’ll take me that long to get there!

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