Anytime is a good time for Lasagne

Lasagne with fresh homemade pasta and ricotta.

Any time of the year is a good time for Lasagne, but I especially like it at this time of the year when it’s still a little cooler.  There is something comforting about that warmth of the dish.

When I have time I like to make the pasta myself, but there is nothing wrong with the store-bought fresh lasagne sheets.  By all means try and avoid dry lasagne noodles for this.  As with most dishes of this type, it often tastes better the next day as left overs.  I wish I was organised enough to make it the day before I needed it.

I make mine two ways, depending on what I have in the fridge, either with Ricotta or a béchamel (white) sauce.  Make sure you leave yourself enough time to really cook out that meat sauce, reduce it down and make it nice and thick.

Here is generally what I do, these are only approx measurements as I tend to throw stuff in the pot and taste as I go, so you may want to adjust this to how you like it.


  • Make sure that the meat sauce is really reduced down.  It gives the dish a nice rich flavor.  It also means that a runny sauces isn’t going to bubble up and erupt out of the dish.
  • If you’re using store-brought fresh pasta, cover the lasagne with foil for the first 20 minutes of cooking, then uncover to allow it to brown.  This will stop the pasta from getting too crunchy.
  • I press down the cheese on top to make sure that all the layers are squashed in and there are no gaps, it stops it from drying out.
  • Make sure that the top layer of Ricotta or Béchamel is thicker and covers the entire layer, this seals it in and will stop if from drying out and the sauce from bubbling out.
  • Putting the layer of lasagne on the bottom makes it easier to get the slices out in one piece.