Lazy Sunday Breakfast

After such a crazy busy week and weekend after weekend of being constantly busy, we have made the most of staying home this weekend, and getting a few chores done.  It has also meant that I have been able to spend some time pottering in the kitchen without being in a rush to eat.

This morning I got to have a lay-in, a bit of mummy time for a few hours.  My wonderful hubby occupied the kids so I could get a well-deserved rest.  Upon apearing from the bedroom and being greeted with cuddles and excited faces, I asked “Who wants Pancakes?” “MEEEE!” was the enthusiastic reply.

American Style Pancakes with a choice of Top Quality Canadian Maple Syrup, Berry Compote, Lemon, Black Dorris Plums and Sugar with Coffee & Orange Juice

So out came the griddle and I furthered my quest to find the perfect pancake recipe.  I have had some great pancakes made for me, I have bought some pretty amazing ones when out, but have only managed to make some good ones at home.  The recipe that I have had for the last 10 years is actually not too bad.  A friend made them while staying at our place a long time back.  They are awesome in the fact that they can either be sweet or savory as they don’t have sugar in them – just adjust them with a topping.  But even though I have followed her recipe to a T, they have never been as good as hers.  I wonder if that is because something always tastes better when someone else makes it for you?

I have tried various American Pancake recipes, much like the one we tried today, but they seem more like hotcakes or large pikelets rather than pancakes.  I had to adapt  today’s new recipe as it tasted strongly of Baking Powder and was very thick, so they rose quite high.  I have tried using Nan’s Pikelet mixture and thinning that down, but the pancakes don’t seem to work out so well.  So the search continues.  If you have a great recipe, let me know.  I am on the search for a great one, one that makes you stop and say, “wow, that really was a great pancake!”.

My Daughter enjoying her “Baby” Pancakes, with Butter and a Splash of Maple Syrup. She know how she likes them.

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