Is it really a cheese scone when there’s no cheese IN it?

I don’t know about you, but I get a bit of a bee in my bonnet when I go out and order a cheese scone, only to find out that it’s just a plain scone with a light sprinkling of cheese on to.  I feel like I have been a bit ripped off.  It’s like ordering a jacket from a catalogue and only receiving the hood, or ordering that life saving Mochachino and finding out it’s just warm milk with chocolate on top.

I like my cheese scones cheesy!  I mean REALLY cheesy!  With actual cheese IN them, not just ON then.  I am lucky enough to have found a great recipe for cheese scones by The Ministry of Food, a cafe by Parliament Grounds in Wellington, and these are second to none.  It has so much cheese in it that there is no need for any additional fat (butter), just the cheese.

As always I have adapted it slightly, I have added a little bit of cayenne and Paprika and I may have doubled the cheese.  Seriously once you have tried these, you won’t want to change to a different recipe again.

Hot from the oven with knob of butter – divine!!

If you are sitting here reading this, thinking that I’m out of my mind, well, maybe I am.  I do believe that cheese scones need to be treated with respect, revered above all others, so much so in fact, that they are the only thing that I would actually spread real butter on, not marg or oil spread, they deserve the real deal.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t love other scones.  Date scones have a special place in my heart, they remind of visiting my Nan after church on a Sunday morning.  I have been known to be partial to a scone spread with jam and a good dollop of cream, along side a large pot of tea and a lace doily thrown in for good measure.

Fresh scones, mixed berry jam I made last week and vanilla cream

My Tips for Scones.

  • Don’t mix them to much, cut the ingredients together till they are just combined.
  • Pat them, don’t kneed them.
  • Eat them straight away – why wait?

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